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I am Derek Oxley an avid runner and running shoe aficionado, which ultimately means I am a Sneakerholic.  Curious by nature and a desire to stay on the forefront of running shoe technology, form and BIOMECHANICS. 

I started researching running shoes 5 years ago by watching videos, reading blogs, magazines and anything else I could get my hands on.  

Armed with this information I justified my purchases and continued to feed my addiction.  

With no hope for a cure insight, I decided to start writing a blog as a way to chronicle my quest to BQ and share sneaker reviews with those in the market for their 1st pair or 91st pair of running shoes.

Running Highlights:

ING Hartford CT 2012:                    5:23:60    12:08 -(My 1st Marathon)
Cox Marathon RI 2013                     4:03:45     9:18
ING Hartford CT 2013:                    4:33:26    10:26

Savin Rock Half CT 2013:               1:50:38      8:29

Cheshire Half CT 2013:                   1:46:32      8:04
Cheshire Half CT 2014:                   1:48:27      8:18

Fairfield Half CT 2013:                    1:48:21      8:17
Fairfield Half CT 2014:                    1:50:13      8:28

Manchester 4.78mi CT 2012               36:58      7:48
Manchester 4.78mi CT 2013               35:48      7:33

PA Grand Canyon Marathon 2014   4:24:55     10:07

Connect With Me:
Facebook: Runin4Lyfe
Google+: Derek Oxley    
Instagram: Runin4Lyfe
Twitter: Runerforlyfe